Spinal Decompression

Are you experiencing back pain or joint pain?
Our innovative Spinal Decompression technology can help you find the relief you need.

Steamboat Chiropractic Center is delighted to introduce a comfortable and highly effective solution for addressing back pain and sciatica in the Steamboat Springs area. Our innovative Back on Trac system is designed specifically for lumbar spinal decompression, offering a more relaxed and enjoyable experience compared to traditional methods. Patients often prefer this approach as it eliminates the need for uncomfortable restraints and belts.

Video Demonstration of how Back On Trac works

Spinal Decompression Therapy is a highly effective method for gradually finding relief from back pain and sciatica as you progress through sessions. We understand that living with pain or discomfort can be challenging, impacting your daily life. The more sessions you undergo with our chiropractors, the greater the improvement in your overall well-being. Even if you continue to experience discomfort after completing multiple sessions, rest assured that we offer a range of alternative solutions to help you regain a pain-free life.

The Back on Trac system represents a safe and effective solution for addressing various forms of chronic low back pain. Whether you’re dealing with sciatica, disc herniation, disc bulge, spinal stenosis, degenerative joint disease, or other low back pain conditions, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to determine if Back on Trac is the right choice for you. As your spine is expertly realigned, your body experiences almost immediate relief. During spinal adjustments in our decompression therapy, your body releases pain-relieving hormones, further aiding in the reduction of pain.

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